Top 5 wireless Headsets


Let’s start with a small list of some of the best wireless headsets.

Astro A50

This headset is a great-sounding over-ear headphones with an excellent microphone for multiplayer games. They also have a wireless dock, with many connection options and very low latency (32ms) for gaming and watching movies.

The A50 have a good wireless range and a battery life lasting 13 hours, which should be adequate for most gaming sessions. They also come with a charging dock, which is easy to use, yet it takes 6 hours to get a complete charge which is not ideal. The PC app allows you to customize the EQ and save a variety of presets.

On the downside, they can’t be used without the base station since they have no wired mode, and they come in console specific variants if you want them to work wirelessly with your PS4 or Xbox One you’ll need to buy for the brand. Their auto-off feature to save battery life is also a little too much and might be frustrating at times. However, despite these limitations, they’re great wireless headphones for gaming that will give most gamers everything they want.

Logictech G933

If you’re the type of gamer that really likes to play around with your settings and desires different ones for each game that you play, then get the Logitech G933 instead. For PC gaming or the PS4 they have compatible USB dongle. The companion PC app also gives you a ton of customizable settings: a parametric EQ for sound, DTS 7.1 surround sound options, mic monitoring and 3 programmable buttons that can be mapped to specific commands, which is a nice touch that sets them apart from other gaming headsets.

The integrated rechargeable battery delivers about 12.5 hours of life, which is average for gaming headsets, but at least they do not take too long to charge. The USB dongle provides excellent wireless range and extremely low latency (22ms), great for watching TV in between games.

Like most gaming headsets, they aren’t very portable, and the included USB dongle doesn’t support microphone input when used with an Xbox One but can be used wired with the Xbox Controller. The included 1/8” TRRS cable also makes versatile enough to use with your phone outdoors or passively when the battery dies.

HyperX Cloud Flight

If you prefer a gaming headset that can travel without standing out, then the HyperX Cloud Flight might just be the headset for you. They have a well-built and comfortable design that easily passes for a casual headphone, considering you can remove the mic. With well-balanced sound they’re a great choice for gaming, low latency wireless connection and excellent microphone that delivers great recording quality and captures speech very well.

Their battery life is also a plus, but somewhat situational; with LEDs turned off they have almost 30 hours of continuous playback and recharge in as little as 3.6 hours. However, with LED on, you will get about 12 hours at most. On the upside, they have a good wireless range and very low latency (20ms), great for gaming and watching videos.

With no companion app for it the settings will not be customizable. Also, like most gaming headsets, the Cloud Flight aren’t very portable but they can be used wired as a backup connection option if the battery dies or if you want to use them with your phone outdoors.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

If you’re looking for a gaming headset with Bluetooth that you can use wirelessly with your phone, then you should go with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. They have lots of connection options, including a headphone jack to use them wired with your phone and console controllers, but unfortunately, the required cable is not included in the box.

They have a decent sound quality, an above-average microphone that captures speech well and a comfortable enough design for longer gaming sessions. They have a decent battery life that lasts about 10.8 hours and only take about 3 hours charge fully. They also support Bluetooth, which as a better range than using them with their USB dongle, but it also has more latency.

Also, although they can be used wired, they do not have passive playback and will stop working once their battery dies. But unlike the other headphones on this list, the Stealth 700 are active noise canceling, which maybe be helpful in some situations, but it isn’t very strong and won’t be good enough for commuting.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

If you’re looking for the best value for your money when getting a gaming headset, then you can’t do much better than the Steelseries Arctis 7. They are comfortable and well-built gaming headphones with a lot of connection options, making them suitable for most devices in your home. Their USB transmitter has a regular AUX input that will work with your TV, audio system and consoles.

They will also have wireless mic support when connected to your PC or PS4, but you will have to use them wired with your Xbox One controller if you want voice chat. On the upside, they have and have a great 24hr + battery life and can also be used completely wired, even if the battery runs out. The available companion app is only for PC, but it has some powerful customization options and you can save your favorite settings under multiple presets.

The Arctis 7 aren’t best option for outdoor use, despite their wired connection option, as they have poor noise isolation for loud environments and they’re a bit too bulky for commuting. However, they’re a good choice for pretty much everything else including using them at the office.

So when it comes to picking a headset for you

Look at all the options that are out there, do your research, and find something that will fit the way you game.


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